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Efficiency Technology Energy Fall 2017

MGE Issues $6 Million Fuel Credit

West Campus Cogeneration Facility

MGE has issued a $6 million credit to customers due to lower-than-forecasted fuel costs used for electric generation, such as at our natural gas-fired West Campus Cogeneration Facility.

The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW) approved a $6 million credit to MGE electric customers. Actual fuel costs used for electric generation in 2016 were lower than MGE originally forecasted. This credit is part of a standard review the PSCW performs.

Due to MGE's varying billing cycles, the one-time refund is credited on October and/or November bills. Please review your bill(s) for specific details on your credit.

This credit applies to all rate classes except for Green Power Tomorrow (GPT). If customers purchase 100% of their energy through GPT, for example, they do not receive the credit because those customers did not pay for the fuel for which we are providing the credit.

For customers who purchase less than 100% of their electricity through GPT, they receive the credit on only that electricity not covered by GPT. For example, if a customer purchases 60% green energy, then they will receive the credit on 40% of their kilowatt-hours.