Vol. 23   No. 2
Summer 2017
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Summary Billing Simplifies Processes for WPS Health Solutions

Summary Billing Simplifies Processes for WPS Health Solutions

Nina Wagner, Facility Operations Administrator at WPS Health Solutions, uses MGE's Summary Billing to consolidate utility bills for eight locations into one bill.

Monitoring facility expenses can be a significant undertaking. One tool that WPS Health Solutions relies on to build efficiencies into the process is MGE's Summary Billing. It has proven to be an effective strategy for WPS since 2008.

"MGE suggested Summary Billing to us because of the complexity of our billing structure," said Nina Wagner, Facility Operations Administrator. "We had been receiving about 10 MGE invoices for eight of our locations. It was confusing and difficult to manage."

Now with Summary Billing, WPS receives just one monthly bill that arrives electronically.

"Summary Billing really streamlines the payment process. Everything in one billing means we are not juggling multiple invoices with varying due dates like we did before," Wagner explained. "Our accounting staff likes it because it saves them time and reduces the amount of paperwork required."

With Summary Billing, no more paper bills are mailed, and individuals within the company can share bills electronically. This translates to paper savings—another feature WPS finds attractive.

"More areas of our company are moving toward paperless or paper-light operations," Wagner said. "MGE's Summary Billing fits well with our ideas about using resources wisely."

Beyond the bill

Business customers who use Summary Billing have online access to helpful information about their energy use, including 12 months of bill history.

"WPS Facility Operations utilizes various online features to evaluate our energy use. For example, the billing history aids in projecting future building costs when we are preparing our annual budget and provides information to help us analyze if we are staying on track with our spending," Wagner explained. "This data is also useful as we work toward our energy-reduction goals and other WPS Green Team initiatives."

"The charts showing historical data are a convenient way to share energy statistics with our management staff," she added. "And, we can compare our usage with similar structures for both electric and gas. This gives insight into how we compare to other customers in the market."

Additional Summary Billing features

Summary Billing is a free service for business customers. It allows you to:

  • Consolidate your MGE accounts into one bill with one due date.
  • Organize your bills by region, department, location, etc.
  • Save time and money processing utility bills.
  • Pay securely online using My Bill Pay, MGE's online billing and payment system.
  • Track energy savings when new equipment is installed.
  • Download data rather than manually entering it into a spreadsheet.

As of May 2017, more than 640 MGE customers have used Summary Billing to manage 9,300 accounts. Get more details or apply for this service at mge.com/summarybilling.