Vol. 20   No. 2
Summer 2015
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New technologies, new energy future

Rooftop solar system at Overlook Apartments near Hilldale Mall.

Rooftop solar system at Overlook Apartments near Hilldale Mall.

Our energy world is changing rapidly with new technologies such as solar power and smart thermostats. These technologies provide opportunities for people to change how and when they use energy to power their homes and businesses.

We want to engage with our customers about new technologies and shaping our community's energy future while maintaining superior energy reliability.

MGE is launching a series of Community Energy Conversations. By engaging our customers in a collaborative process, we all can exchange information and ideas to inform planning for our collective energy future.

We have created a process to assure a broad discussion in which everyone's energy concerns and perspectives are heard and respected. MGE has engaged Justice and Sustainability Associates from the Washington, D.C., area to help us design and to lead this extensive and comprehensive effort.

"MGE is committed to providing everyone access to information throughout the process and offering multiple vehicles for interaction and feedback. We welcome and encourage our customers' involvement in this extensive effort," said Gary Wolter, MGE chairman and chief executive officer.

Our Community Energy Conversations will begin in at the end of June. Please stay tuned for more information. We'll post news and updates at mge.com/conversations. Or, like us on Facebook at facebook.com/madisongasandelectric.