Vol. 22   No. 2
July 2016
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Understanding the Value of High-Performance Buildings

Understanding the Value of High-Performance Buildings

The multi-tenant office building at 749 University Row offers insights into the advantages of high-performance buildings. Learn more here.

749 University Row in Madison is a very energy-efficient, multi-tenant office building. The building's developers, University Crossing Investors and Krupp General Contractors, chose a high-performance building because it met both long- and short-term objectives.

For the long term, high-performance buildings provide attractive, financially competitive space for their full useful life. High-performance buildings make financial sense in the short term for two reasons:

  • Lower operating costs provide savings for tenants.
  • Higher efficiency is attractive to businesses concerned about sustainable practices.

The building meets the U.S. Green Building Council's highest performance criteria—LEED Platinum. The developers pursued LEED for Core and Shell to address building performance while providing tenants flexibility in finishing their own space.

The building was constructed for about $210/ft2, including tenant build-out costs. It's comparable to similar Class A offices in the region.

Tenant and common spaces have an abundance of daylight, excellent indoor air quality and low energy costs. All the space in the building rented immediately. Several of the tenants rented with terms of 10 years or more.

Learn more about this building and its efficient components here.