Vol. 22   No. 2
July 2016
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Community Energy Workshop Helps Advance Energy 2030

Community Energy Workshop Helps Advance Energy 2030

Community members gathered at MGE's Community Energy Workshop in April to discuss our energy future.

About 200 community leaders and members, representing a diverse cross section of interests and perspectives, attended MGE's Community Energy Workshop at Monona Terrace the evening of April 19. Participants discussed three topics: how to advance MGE's Energy 2030 framework, how to address customer needs through new products and services, and how to further MGE's ongoing community engagement efforts.

"MGE, with the expertise of our independent facilitator, hosted the workshop with the goal of including people in our community who have many different perspectives, backgrounds and experiences. We wanted to tap into the collective wisdom of our community," said Gary Wolter, MGE Chairman, President and CEO. "We brought together people who are experts in understanding our community to hear how they collaborate with others to address common interests."

MGE's facilitator for its Community Energy Conversations, Justice and Sustainability
Associates (JSA), designed the Community Energy Workshop. JSA's CEO, Don Edwards, facilitated the three-hour event.

Themes that emerged included concerns about cost, energy efficiency, sustainability, energy education, equity and customer communication, among others. The summary of themes report and videos presented at the workshop are available online, where customers also can submit their feedback to MGE about the content.

"To reach our goals under Energy 2030, we will need customer support to turn ideas into actual programs, both through customer research and pilot programs, and through customer participation when we roll out fully developed programs," said Lynn Hobbie, MGE Senior Vice President - Marketing and Communications. "New technology will offer opportunities for individual customers at the same time benefiting all customers."

The guidance generated by workshop participants will inform how MGE implements its long-term framework, which includes an objective to deepen MGE's engagement with customers. With 146,000 electric customers who have different needs, concerns and priorities, MGE will advance areas of common interest into the future through many different collaborations and partnerships.

A short video from the workshop also is available.