Vol. 22   No. 4
Winter 2017
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Want to Save Energy in 2017?

Want to Save Energy in 2017?

Adding advanced controls to rooftop air conditioner units is just one of the energy-saving updates to look at in 2017.

Here's news that can help.

It can be time-consuming and confusing to assess new energy efficiency technologies and tools. So we'd like to share some recent insights from our friends at E Source, an independent energy research, advisory and information group. Learn more about these technologies here.

RTU retrofit controls

According to a peer review by the Department of Energy, rooftop units (RTUs) account for about 60% of commercial cooling. If these units were retrofitted with advanced controls, the energy saved could power more than 8 million homes a year. Recent developments in internet connectivity mean new RTU controls allow for remote monitoring, tracking and adjustments.

LED product analysis

Lower prices, a wider variety of color options and new bulb styles have put LEDs in more sockets in recent years. But those LEDs haven't always delivered as promised. You can use the DOE's CALiPER (Commercially Available LED Product Evaluation and Reporting) to ensure product quality matches with manufacturer claims before you upgrade.

Advanced lighting controls

Already made the switch to energy-efficient lighting? You might still be able to take your savings up a notch by adding advanced lighting controls (ALCs). According to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, ALCs can reduce energy use by 5% to 60%. Please remember that overall savings will be lower if you're already using high-efficiency LEDs.