Vol. 22   No. 4
Winter 2017
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ETC Offers Energy-Saving Solutions

ETC in Middleton

ETC in Middleton has teamed up with British Columbia firm EchoFlex to offer wireless controls for lighting, temperature and process applications.

With locations worldwide, including headquarters and a manufacturing facility in Middleton and another factory in Mazomanie, ETC is committed to conserving natural resources through responsible corporate policies and manufacturing processes.

"While we invest in sustainable equipment and technologies for our own facilities, we also believe in developing products that help our customers save energy," explained Karl Haas, Architectural National Sales Manager at ETC. "A partnership we developed with Echoflex Solutions in 2012 has allowed us to provide more opportunities for customers."

Echoflex, located in British Columbia, develops innovative wireless, self-powered controls for lighting, temperature and process applications. ETC manufactures the Echoflex battery-free, wireless energy-control products—from switches and sensors to controllers and interfaces—all aimed at providing easy-to-use, low-cost and flexible energy solutions for businesses.

"Our user-configurable wireless sensors and automated controls can provide significant energy savings," said Shawn Pedersen, Echoflex President. "We create smart spaces that determine when lights should be dimmed or off, temperature should be set back and spaces that provide user interfaces to maximize comfort."

Benefits of the Echoflex technology include:

  • Wireless technology means fewer cables and lower installation costs.
  • Battery-free devices do not require ongoing maintenance or disposal issues.
  • Distributed technology allows rooms to "think for themselves" with simple commissioning and set-point adjustments.

"A key advantage is that our switches and sensors are self-powered, so they don't require any line voltage or batteries," Pedersen added. "The products work well for retrofit projects in existing buildings. They also are a good fit for new construction as they provide a flexible space that can be reconfigured easily because there are no wires to the switch and sensor products."

The Echoflex products have broad application offering energy-saving benefits to everything from hallways, classrooms and small restaurants to large commercial buildings, churches and multistory office buildings.

"It's wonderful to have ETC—a homegrown company here in the Madison area that shares our commitment to green technologies, encourages other businesses to follow suit and offers products that can help them achieve their energy-saving goals," said Don Peterson, MGE's Assistant Vice President of Strategic Products and Services.

Depending on the scope of the project, businesses often achieve payback in less than three years. "Our pricing tends to be attractive—falls into a sweet spot for many companies, especially when coupled with other improvement incentives that may be available," Pedersen added.

"Teaming up with Echoflex was appealing because it filled a control need that we didn't have at the time. Their products fit well into our portfolio to round out a top-to-bottom approach to energy management in a facility," Haas said. "Years later, we are pleased to continue building on that partnership and offering more energy-saving solutions for customers."

Learn more about how ETC/Echoflex products can help save energy at your business.