Vol. 22   No. 4
Winter 2017
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Energy Trends

Acumium Installs Electric Vehicle Charging Station

On Demand Savings Program Reduces On-peak Costs

MGE's Debbie Branson, center, helped make EV charging an option at Acumium where she worked with Dan Costello and Sara Peck to set up a workplace charging program.

Company electric vehicle (EV)? Check! On-site EV charging station? Check!

As a technology-based digital marketing and web development agency, Madison's Acumium walks the talk.

Sustainability is a corporate value at Acumium. This is evident in the company's array of energy-saving and environmentally friendly initiatives ranging from high-efficiency lighting and server virtualization to a solar canopy and waste reduction efforts. And now the company has an EV and EV charging station.

"With a new electric vehicle for client visits and other work trips, an on-site charger seemed like the next logical step," said CEO Dan Costello. "However, installing a charger is a big commitment. We wanted to thoroughly evaluate the idea before moving forward."

"We began talking to MGE about the process, costs and best practices for workplace charging," Costello explained. "It was good to have this valuable resource to help guide our project."

MGE worked with Acumium on an employee survey last fall to gauge interest in an on-site charging station and the likelihood of employees purchasing an EV in the future. Tools like this can help determine if a workplace charger is a good fit for your business.

The Acumium survey had a 66% response rate. Findings included:

  • 65% of respondents said they are considering purchasing an EV.

In addition to the company EV, two other Acumium employees own EVs. Several others have indicated an interest in the Tesla Model 3, which is expected to be released mid-2018.

  • 100% said Acumium should install a workplace charger.
  • 84% indicated that having access to a charger at Acumium would increase the probability of them purchasing an EV in the future.

"The survey provided good information," said Debbie Branson, MGE New Market Manager. "Acumium will survey employees again to see if anyone else purchased an EV, if the on-site charging station influenced their decision and how many people are charging. MGE partners with employers to facilitate charging and the growth of EV’s, and this type of information helps us as we continue to aggressively study the growing EV industry."

Installing the station

In January, Acumium installed a Level 2 (240-volt) charger in the company's parking lot under the solar canopy. Level 2 chargers offer a quicker charge than Level 1 chargers.

"Of course there are expenses that come with a charging station that we have to consider, but it's also important to take steps to reduce energy and waste and preserve the environment," Costello said. "It's all about looking for balance."

Acumium's charger is available for employee use only. For now, employees can use it at no cost. The company may consider per-use fees in the future.

"It's a good idea to develop policies and procedures to keep the charging process efficient and easy for employees," Branson explained. "We are available to help companies establish those guidelines and provide employee education on charging and EVs."

"It's exciting to be on the cutting edge with technology like workplace charging. We have a sustainable focus and think about the impact of our decisions each day," Costello said. "Hopefully, we can encourage others to do the same."