Vol. 20   No. 1
Winter 2015
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Summary Billing saves time for Research Products

Summary Billing saves time for Research Products

Becky Ottesen and Barry Dean use MGE's Summary Billing to save time and control costs for Research Products. Learn more about Summary Billing at mge.com/summarybilling.

Becky Ottesen's first reaction to MGE's Summary Billing program was, "That's a great idea." Now, after using the program for six months, she reports that her initial impression has proven accurate. Ottesen is the accounts payable specialist for Aprilaire, a division of Research Products that manufactures humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air purifiers and other equipment.

"We have eight accounts through MGE. Before Summary Billing, each one came due separately," Ottesen said. "I had to deal with eight bills at eight different times of the month and write eight checks. Now, all the bills come online at one time and on one invoice. It's incredibly easy and saves me a lot of time."

Setup was fast and simple—just a quick email was all it took to participate—and Ottesen can pay invoices and review bills and data when needed.

Ottesen isn't the only person who's happy with Summary Billing and the online tools that support it. "I'm in charge of creating our annual power budget, and I rely heavily on MGE's website to gather the information I need," said Barry Dean, maintenance manager for Aprilaire. "I love the website! I can see a graph for each meter—gas and electric—and tap into data from the last 12 months for budgeting."

Dean typically uses My Account on the MGE website to analyze energy use trends four times a year and reviews a monthly MGE billing summary from Ottesen to make sure there aren't any anomalies in energy use. "I've been extremely impressed by how user-friendly the site is," Dean said. "You just log in and immediately access a wealth of information for each account. This type of data has been critical to refining our budgets and gaining a better understanding of our true energy costs. Plus, I can easily download data from the site into my spreadsheets for analysis. I'm a huge proponent of this tool!"

Summary Billing highlights

It's a great way to improve efficiency and save time. It lets users:

  • Organize bills by region, department and location—any breakdown you prefer.
  • Have all of bills due on one day, no matter how many accounts you have with MGE.
  • Pay bills using our secure payment system.
  • Easily manage your utility budget.

My Account on mge.com highlights

  • View up to 12 months of bill history online.
  • Track energy savings when new equipment is installed.
  • Download data, rather than having to manually enter it into a spreadsheet.

As of December 2014, more than 486 MGE customers, from organizations of all sizes, were using the program to manage over 7,256 accounts. For more information, please visit mge.com/summarybilling.