Energy-Efficient Track Light Savings Calculator

Energy-Efficient Track Light Savings Calculator

The values already entered in certain cells are examples, generally using national average data. Replace them with values that correspond to your own situation (for instance, if you know it, enter your actual electricity cost in $/kWh).

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Electricity cost ($/kWh)
Lamp usage h/y
Lamp-specific input
Energy-efficient alternative
Lamp cost ($)
Fixture cost ($)
Lamp life (h)
Lamp power (W)
Ballast power (W)
Annual lighting energy cost ($)
Annual cooling energy cost ($)a
Annual lamp-replacement cost ($)b
Annual lamp-replacement labor cost ($)
Total annual operating cost ($)
Annual savings ($)
Purchase cost of lamp + fixture ($)
Incremental purchase cost ($)
Simple payback period (y)
Total cost of ownership over 10 years ($)
Cost savings over 10 years

Notes: CFL = compact fluorescent lamp; COP = coefficient of performance; h = hour; kWh = kilowatt-hour; NA = not applicable; W = watt; y = year.
a. Cooling energy costs assume 80 percent of input power becomes a cooling load for the halogen system, 30 percent becomes a cooling load for the system, and cooling load COP is 3.4.
b. Lamp replacement cost assumes 15 minutes per lamp at $25/h.

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