Cool Thermal Storage

Thermal storage systems offer building owners the potential for substantial operating cost savings by using off-peak electricity to produce chilled water or ice for use in cooling during peak hours. The storage systems are most likely to be cost-effective in situations where

  • A facility's maximum cooling load is much greater than the average load;
  • The utility rate structure has high demand charges, ratchet charges, or a high differential between on- and off-peak energy rates;
  • An existing cooling system is being expanded;
  • An existing tank is available;
  • Limited electric power is available at the site;
  • Backup cooling capacity is desirable; or
  • Cold air distribution would be advantageous.

It's difficult to generalize about when cool storage systems will be cost-effective, but if you meet one or more of the above criteria, it may be worth doing a detailed analysis.

What are the options?
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