For Customers with Special Needs

If you or someone in your household relies on life-support equipment, plan ahead and be prepared in case your power goes out.

Emergency planning

  • Call MGE at (608) 252-7222(608) 252-7222 if someone in your household requires electrical life-support equipment.
  • Inform your nearest rescue, fire or other public safety service about your situation.
  • Have a backup power supply available and know how to use it. MGE cannot provide portable generators or other backup equipment for customers.
    • Know how long your backup power supply will last.
    • Make arrangements ahead of time with friends or relatives to move to their home if your backup supply would not be adequate.
  • When the lights go out

    If someone is in immediate danger, always call 911.

    • Call MGE at (608) 252-7111(608) 252-7111 to report your electric power interruption.
    • Explain your situation when you report an outage.
    • Monitor the outage situation. If it looks like the power will not be restored before your backup power runs out, move to another location with electric service.

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