Natural Gas Connector
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Natural Gas Connector


Gas Connector Safety

Flexible gas connectors are corrugated metal tubes most often used to attach natural gas appliances such as a gas range or clothes dryer to a home or building's natural gas supply pipes. Older, uncoated brass flexible gas connectors can corrode or break and cause a serious gas leak, fire or explosion.

Any flexible appliance connector made of bare brass should be replaced immediately with a new stainless steel connector or a plastic coated brass connector certified by the American Gas Association.

Warning: DO NOT attempt to check the connections yourself. Moving an appliance to check the gas connector may cause the connector to break, resulting in a gas leak, fire or explosion. Instead, have a qualified person, such as a professional plumber or HVAC or appliance repair contractor, inspect the appliance connector for you and replace it if necessary.

If you have a natural gas appliance that is more than 20 years old, it is a good idea to have the gas connector replaced. Connectors should always be replaced whenever the appliance is replaced or moved from its location.

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