Clear Snow from Meters and Vents

Clear Snow from Meters and Vents

MGE wants you to be safe when the snow piles up.

Clear around gas meters

  • Keep the area around gas meter equipment clear of snow and ice.
  • Remove heavy snow and ice from above that could fall on and damage the meter and cause a gas leak.
  • Carefully move snow and ice by hand to avoid damaging equipment.

Clear around furnace and water heater vents

  • Blocked vents can cause furnaces and water heaters to shut down, a potential build-up of carbon monoxide or a costly service call.
  • Use a long screwdriver to clear snow and ice from the end of the pipes.

If you suspect a gas leak inside or outside your home, leave the area immediately and call MGE at (608) 252-1111(608) 252-1111 day or night.