Clothes Dryer Venting Dangers

Flexible white plastic dryer vent hose is unsafe

Flexible white plastic dryer vent hose
  • Ribbed surface restricts airflow.
  • Lint builds up in the vent and dryer.
  • Restricted airflow and lint buildup cause overheating and dryer fires.
  • If a fire starts, plastic vent hose burns, spreading the fire.

Plugged plastic vents are inefficient

  • Clothes take longer to dry and you pay a higher energy bill.
  • May cause dryer parts to fail.
  • May void the warranty on new dryers.

To avoid dangers

Metallic vent pipe
  • Clean lint filter with every load.
  • Replace white plastic vent hose with metallic vent pipe.
  • Buy packaged duct only with UL listing.
  • Connect duct with solid metal elbows at the dryer and vent cap.
  • If you already have a metal vent, clean it out at least once a year.
  • Clean lint from vent where it exits the wall.
  • Be sure outside flap opens when dryer is running.

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