Outdoor Overhead Lighting

Outdoor Overhead Lighting

Lighting helps keep your property secure during the evening and throughout the night. Employees, customers and tenants appreciate lighting for their safety.

MGE outdoor overhead lighting service features

  • Low monthly rate includes the fixture and the electricity to operate it.
  • In most cases, no down payment.
  • Free standard installation.
  • Maintenance is included.
  • Automatic dusk-to-dawn operation.

Lamp types

Choose from three types of energy-efficient lamps:

  • LED
  • High-pressure sodium
  • Metal halide

Pole-mounted lamps

  • Wooden pole for overhead electric service
  • Fiberglass pole for underground service

Easy process

We survey the building and parking areas to determine the number and type of lights needed and prepare a customized lighting plan for you. Call 252-7007 and ask for an Outdoor Overhead Lighting Service representative.

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