Are You Prepared?

Are You Prepared?

Lights out, line down or other energy emergency, call (608) 252-7111(608) 252-7111.
If you smell gas, call (608) 252-1111(608) 252-1111.

Toll-free MGE emergency, call 1-800-245-11231-800-245-1123.

Momentary outages

  • Protect the electric system from severe overloading.
  • Increase overall service reliability.

Devices called reclosing circuit breakers or reclosers briefly interrupt the flow of current. The power is restored when the circuit is closed again.

Reclosers on the MGE system

  • Are programmed to try to clear a detected fault.
  • Cause "blinks" as the reclosers go through their fault-clearing sequence.

If the fault cannot be cleared, the circuit will stay open and an extended outage results.

Plan ahead for outages

Your business will do better the more you know and prepare. Consider:

  • Emergency light system.
  • Emergency fire pump.
  • Emergency backup power system.
  • Equipment or system shutdown priorities.

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