Completing the Shared Solar Service Agreement

When will I receive my Shared Solar Service Agreement?

MGE will send agreements to existing Shared Solar participants as well as customers who joined the waiting list. The Service Agreements will be sent electronically through DocuSign to the email address you provided. You may need to request a new link from DocuSign depending on how old the email you received was. You will be prompted to request a new link to be emailed to you when you attempt to open the DocuSign agreement. This is done for security reasons.

How do I complete the DocuSign Service Agreement?

After MGE confirms your eligibility, you will receive an email from the DocuSign system. The subject line will ask you to complete and electronically sign MGE’s Shared Solar Service Agreement. To open the electronic agreement, click Review Document and follow the steps below to complete.

Step 1:

After opening the link to your agreement, you will need to check the box next to the statement: I agree to use electronic records and signatures.

Step 2:

Click the Continue button to review the Shared Solar Service Agreement. 


Step 3:

Click Start.

Step 4:

Select the number of shares you wish to purchase from the drop-down list. The remaining fields will be calculated based on the number of shares you select. The fields will show the estimated Year One generation in kWh and the Participation Fee that will be added to your next bill will be calculated.

NOTE: Existing Shared Solar customers who are ineligible to add more shares to their previous subscription will be taken directly to the signature field of the agreement. If you are eligible to add more shares, you will only be able to select between your current number of shares and your new maximum available shares.

Step 5:

Once you select the amount of shares you’d like to purchase, click Next.

Step 6:

Click Sign to complete the agreement. 

NOTE: If you are new to DocuSign, you will be asked to Adopt Your Signature. DocuSign will present your signature and initials. You will be given the opportunity to accept the presented style, change it or draw your own. Once you have approved your style, you will be asked to click "Adopt and Sign." Commercial customers will need to include their job title.

Step 7:

Click Finish to send the agreement to MGE for signature. Once MGE signs the agreement, DocuSign will send you a copy of the fully executed agreement for your records.

What if I am unable to complete the Service Agreement electronically?

If you are unable to sign the Service Agreement electronically, you have the ability to print the document. To do so, you can select Other Actions in the upper right-hand corner and select Print and Sign. If for any reason you are unable to access your electronic version, please let us know and we can send you a paper copy.

NOTE: You will need to write in the number of shares you wish to purchase and participation fee ($47.25 per share) and sign the contract. If this information is not completed, we will need to resend the contract which may result in delays or the program being sold out.

You may send the completed agreement via email to or mail to:
Administrative Support
Madison Gas and Electric Company
PO Box 1231
Madison WI  53701-1231