Considering Installing Solar?

Customers who produce electricity from renewable energy can connect to MGE's grid and receive credit on utility bills or sell back the extra electricity produced.

If this is something you're considering, we want to help you integrate your solar project to our electric distribution system. Statewide standards – Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter PSC 119 – help ensure your interconnection process is safe, reliable and consistent. All public utilities, customers and installers are responsible for following these standards.

Steps for Solar Interconnection

  1. Call MGE at (608) 252-4783 - Please contact us early in the planning phases of installing and connecting a solar system. We can help you evaluate your electricity usage and provide insight into connecting your system to our electric grid. We will work with your solar vendors and consultants to inspect existing wiring and determine the best approach to tie a new system to the electric grid. We also will meet you on-site to discuss the plan and project timelines before work begins.
  2. Complete and return the Distributed Generation Application form: In addition to the application, you will also need to include:
    For more detailed information on the below requirements, please review our Solar Connection Guide.
    • proof of liability insurance coverage
    • one-line schematic diagram of your system
    • control schematics
    • site plan
    • application review fee (for projects greater than 20kW)

    Mail applications with the required attachments and fees to:
    DG Application Form
    Riley Denu
    Madison Gas and Electric
    PO Box 1231
    Madison, WI 53701-1231

  3. Application Review - Once received, we will review the application. If approved, we will provide a Distributed Generation Interconnection Agreement and communicate the engineering review costs. The application fee already submitted will be applied toward the engineering review costs.
  4. Engineering Review and Distribution Study (if necessary) - Once we receive the Interconnection Agreement and payment, we will perform an engineering review. In some cases, an interconnection with our grid may cause equipment loading concerns or system protection issues. The review is to determine if interconnecting a solar system could affect the electric distribution system. If the engineering review uncovers potential issues, a distribution study may be needed to further analyze those issues. If a distribution study is necessary, we will notify you and provide a cost estimate for the study. 
    The purpose of a distribution study is to determine if modifications may be needed to the existing electric distribution system prior to installing your solar system. Modifications may include but are not limited to:
    • replacing smaller MGE high-voltage wires with larger ones
    • replacing transformers at the point of interconnection with your system
    • modifying MGE's system protection schemes
    • installing telemetry equipment to monitor the status of the PV system

    If these modifications are required, you must agree to pay for them prior to us beginning the work.

  5. Solar system modification - Once your system is installed, you will need to contact the electrical inspector and MGE to schedule an appointment for system testing. We will need to receive the electrical permit prior to scheduling the testing.
  6. System testing (commissioning) - We will witness the system testing and may perform an anti-islanding test; verify protective equipment and review metering requirements. You will not be charged for our time to perform these tests.
  7. Complete Interconnection Agreement - Once the system testing is approved, we will sign the interconnection agreement. We then will then interconnect your new solar system to the electric grid.

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