Drive Electric

Save up to $6,000 on an all-electric Nissan LEAF®!

For a limited time, Madison-area dealerships are offering a huge discount on a Nissan LEAF! The discount, when coupled with available federal tax savings, actually can save you up to $13,500. This offer is entirely funded by Nissan. Visit Zimbrick Eastside Nissan or Rosen Nissan of Madison to learn more.

The Nissan LEAF® features:

  • 100% electric - no gas, ever
  • Up to 226 miles on a single charge
  • Zero tailpipe emissions
Electric vehicles are fun to drive and offer lower maintenance and fuel costs and reduced emissions. Electric motors provide a quiet and smooth ride. You can conveniently charge your vehicle at home or at many public charging stations in the Madison area.


MGE's Charge@Home program makes EV charging simple, right from the comfort of your garage.

Supporting the evolving EV market is part of MGE's commitment to new technology and innovative products and services for our customers as outlined in our Energy 2030 framework for the future. Check out EV Rider, our new resource for information on electric vehicles.