Preferred EV Dealership Network

MGE is rewarding area electric vehicle (EV) dealerships!

Interested in hearing from MGE customers who are shopping for an electric vehicle (EV)? Join our Preferred EV Dealership Network which connects you to prospective buyers to schedule a test drive or check inventory on your available EV models.

Why should you participate?

  • Get leads from MGE customers interested in EVs.
  • Be featured on MGE websites where customers are searching for EV information.
  • Get your sales team members up to speed on charging programs and discounts to help sell EVs.

How can you participate?

  • Sales team members must view a short video about MGE's charging program and services.
  • Dealership agrees to respond to customers within two business days.
  • Dealership agrees to share information about MGE EV programs and services with customers.  

Watch our brief video to learn about MGE's EV resources.



MGE's EV-related programs and services:

  • Charge@Home - With this program, MGE coordinates the installation of Level 2 chargers—which charge up to nine times faster than using a standard electric outlet—for our customers in exchange for a monthly fee of about $20 (.64 cents per day) plus the cost of electricity. There is no upfront charge for standard installation.
  • Shift & Save - EV drivers can save up to 40% on home charging costs by shifting their vehicle charging and other electricity use to nights and weekends.
  • EV Owners Group - EV drivers pay 50% less for charging at MGE's public charging station network.
  • Explore My EV - With this online resource, interested EV drivers can evaluate available EV options, including cost comparisons and fuel-saving estimations.
  • - Our online resource is dedicated to sharing the many different aspects of choosing to go electric.  
  • EV Rider - Get timely and trustworthy news about EVs.

For more information

For questions or more information about our Preferred EV Dealership network or our EV-related programs and services, please contact Rob Crain.