Top in reliability

Top in reliability

MGE's electric service reliability was ranked No. 1 in a nationwide utility industry survey based on average customer outage times in 2011 (the most recent year that data is available).

MGE customers experienced the fewest minutes without power, only 38 minutes on average per year, compared to the nationwide average of more than six hours.

For the frequency of power outages, MGE's reliability was rated No. 2 in the country. An average MGE customer experiences one outage every two years. Customers in other service areas experience outages approximately three times more frequently on average.

MGE has ranked in the top three utilities in the country for both the fewest minutes and the lowest frequency of customer service interruptions in each of the last five years—including 2007 when MGE was ranked No. 1 for both measures.

We put an emphasis on building and maintaining a dependable electric system:

  • We make it a priority to review, monitor and maintain our system. Our engineering and field operations staff meet monthly to analyze outages and root causes. We identify and implement steps for improvement.
  • MGE has installed distribution automation equipment at many of its substations, which helps eliminate outages to thousands of customers. If one source of power is lost, customers experience a momentary interruption and automatically are transferred to another power source.
  • MGE upgrades its substations. Most recently:
    • $14 million upgrade to the Walnut Substation (serving the near-west side and the UW-Madison campus area).
    • $2.5 million improvement to the Femrite Substation (serving parts of Madison's eastside).