MGE Partners with Focus on Energy to Deliver Energy-Efficient Lightbulbs to Meals on Wheels Clients

More than 300 households to receive LED bulbs through ENERGY STAR® 2016 Change the World Tour.

  • Meals on Wheels clients to receive LEDs through MGE and Focus on Energy partnership.
  • 300+ households to receive more than 1,600 LED bulbs this week.
  • The Change the World Tour encourages energy efficiency through ENERGY STAR certified bulbs.
  • ENERGY STAR certified LEDs use up to 90% less energy and last 15 to 25 times longer.
  • Energy efficiency is one objective in MGE's Energy 2030 framework to help reduce energy use and environmental impacts.

Madison, Wis., Oct. 27, 2016—Madison Gas and Electric (MGE) has partnered with Wisconsin's Focus on Energy program and Meals on Wheels to distribute more than 1,600 ENERGY STAR certified LED bulbs to more than 300 households throughout MGE's service territory this week. The ENERGY STAR 2016 Change the World Tour encourages people to choose ENERGY STAR certified LED bulbs.

ENERGY STAR certified LED bulbs use up to 90% less energy than standard bulbs and last 15 to 25 times longer. LEDs potentially could cut general lighting energy use nearly in half by 2030, saving energy dollars and reducing carbon emissions, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Join the conversation about energy efficiency this month by using the hashtag #EnergyActionMonth.

MGE is partnering with two community service organizations, Northwest Dane Senior Services, Inc., and Home Health United, to deliver LED bulbs to local residents.

"What a great way for homebound individuals to save money, time and resources," said Paulette Glunn, Executive Director, Northwest Dane Senior Services, which worked with MGE to deliver the bulbs to about 30 households.

Home Health United also is partnering with MGE to put energy-efficient bulbs in the hands of about 300 local clients. "This is a great opportunity for our recipients that otherwise would not be available to them," said Jennifer Putzer, Community Services Manager, from Home Health United.

To see photos from this week's delivery, check out the story on MGE's new Energy 2030 website,, titled "Energy Savings for Seniors."

Using energy efficiently and conserving energy rank as some of the most critical actions we all can take to reduce our environmental footprint and save money. Increasing engagement around energy efficiency and conservation is one of several objectives in MGE's Energy 2030 framework. Working together, we can be responsible about our energy use, our community and our environment.

To learn more about the Change the World Tour, visit:

Focus on Energy's premier manufacturing sponsor is GE Lighting, which is donating many of the bulbs for this campaign. Other sponsors include Greenlite Inc., Philips, MaxLite, Sylvania, ICF International and Energy Federation, Inc.

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