MGE Turns to Facebook, 'Game of Thrones' to Name Newly Hatched Falcon Chicks

Madison, Wis., May 13, 2013—Madison Gas and Electric (MGE) invites the public to choose the names of the four falcon chicks that hatched at its Blount Generating Station power plant between May 9-12. This year voting will be done through MGE's Facebook page. Voters will choose from 10 names from the popular HBO series "Game of Thrones."

The MGE falcon chicks will be banded sometime between late May to early June. Wisconsin peregrine falcon expert Greg Septon will take the chicks from their nest, put numbered bands on the birds and take a blood sample for the DNA. The first flight, or fledge, usually happens when they are five to six weeks old. The MGE falcons have hatched 19 offspring since 2009.

To participate in the voting, go to MGE's Facebook page,, and look for the "Name the Falcons" album at the top of the Timeline. Just "Like" the name or character you want. The top four "Likes" will become the falcons' names when they are banded. Names will be announced on MGE's Facebook and Twitter pages and on

Game of Thrones is a fantasy series based on medieval Western Europe. About seven million viewers watch each new weekly episode making it one of the most highly viewed cable shows ever.

The peregrine falcon is listed as endangered in Wisconsin. Due to pesticide use in the 1960s, peregrines were declared extinct in the state. Falcons were reintroduced in the 1980s. In 2012, 83 falcons hatched at 27 known nesting sites in Wisconsin.

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