Multifamily Update

Multifamily Update

January 2020

Vacancy Rates

Each quarter, MGE publishes the rental vacancy rates by number, percentage and ZIP code. The vacancy rate for Q4 2019 is 3.00%. This is lower than the vacancy rate of Q3 2019 at 3.31%. It also is even with the vacancy rate from Q4 2018 at 3.00%. This indicates that there are fewer units available now compared to the recent past and is very close to the same number of units that were available one year ago at this time.

The vacancy rate is the percentage of units in MGE's service area that appear to be vacant because the gas and electric service is inactive or the service has been moved to the owner's name.

MGE assumes a unit is vacant if both gas and electric services are inactive or if the service has been moved into the building owner's name. This data should be used for educational or informational purposes only.

During recent years, vacancy rates had been as high as 4.78% (Q2 2018) and as low as 1.88% (Q1 2013). For more information about vacancy rates, visit