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November 2019

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Inspect natural gas equipment regularly

Keep natural gas equipment operating safely and efficiently with regular inspections. Equipment that is operating efficiently reduces energy use and the risk of equipment damage and injury to your employees. A professional who specializes in natural gas-fired equipment should perform the inspection. Questions? Call 608-252-7222 and ask for Chad Pool, MGE's manager of Meter and Connection.

MGE's Shared Savings ends

Since the program started 25 years ago, MGE's Shared Savings has helped almost 400 businesses finance energy-saving improvements. MGE congratulates the business owners who have worked with us through Shared Savings to reduce their energy use. This type of financing will no longer be available through MGE, but there are other resources. Both Focus on Energy and PACE Wisconsin offer financing programs.

Utility bill scams

Nationwide, utility scams are on the rise—including here in Wisconsin. MGE customers have reported fraudulent activity that is constantly evolving in the form of phone calls, text messages or in-person contact from impostors claiming to work for MGE. They attempt to collect money for supposed past-due accounts and/or upgrades or repairs to utility meters. This is not MGE. If you receive a scam call, contact MGE at 608-252-7222.

Track outages online

Winter storms bring the possibility of power outages. You can track power outages and our restoration progress online. Don't forget to call us if your power is out.

New clean energy option

MGE's Renewable Energy Rider program makes it easier for large business customers to power their operations with renewable energy. For more information, call 608-252-7007 or visit

Wondering about our energy future? Use this site.

We're building a community energy company for the future that meets our community's needs and balances and reflects our shared values. We look forward to working with you to get there. Your source for learning about how we can create a more sustainable future together is