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July 2019

Promega Adds Seventh Workplace Charger

Important work takes place on Promega's sprawling Madison campus—from manufacturing enzymes for amplifying DNA to designing new technologies that advance scientific research. In tandem with these critical efforts is an awareness of the natural environment and a commitment to sustainability.
Frank Fan

Promega employee Frank Fan takes advantage of the opportunity to charge his new electric vehicle at work.

Promega looks for ways to reduce its environmental footprint across all aspects of the business, including building design and operation, product shipment and customer engagement. The parking areas are one location where Promega's dedication to the environment is evident.
The company recently added a seventh electric vehicle (EV) charging station to make it easy for employees with EVs to charge while they are at work.
"Workplace charging is very consistent with our corporate culture and sustainability values," said Dan Motl, Promega's Senior Director of Facilities. "We encourage employees to have that mindset at work and at home. We support employees who choose EVs by having chargers available here for them to use."
An early adopter, Promega has had charging stations on-site since 2012. Earlier this year, four of those stations were located in a parking ramp that would be unavailable until November while that ramp was expanded to accommodate a new research and development facility. However, employees likely would need access to those charging stations during construction.
"It was a good time to do an employee survey to gauge interest in workplace charging and determine how to move forward," said Debbie Branson, MGE Manager - Electrification. "This is an important step for employers considering workplace charging for the first time or for those who are making changes or considering adding more chargers."
Promega agreed and conducted a survey. It confirmed that employees do rely on the existing charging stations. Fifty-six percent of respondents said they would consider an EV for their next vehicle purchase, and nearly half of respondents said they would be more likely to lease or purchase an EV if Promega installs more charging stations.
"Based on these results, we worked with MGE to move the four chargers from the ramp to another parking area on our campus," Motl said. "We also added another charger to that location. We now have a total of seven stations and plan to add more in the future as the ramp we are expanding will create capacity for additional stations as needed."
Promega employee Frank Fan recently purchased a Tesla and enjoys the convenience of being able to charge at work.
"The expanded parking lot under construction and the possibility of more chargers in the future will have a much bigger impact on other employees' decisions to buy EVs," Fan explained. "It was an easy decision for me. Electric vehicles are quiet, low maintenance and provide a better driving experience. Cars in our family have moved from full gas to hybrid to full electric."
All of Promega's chargers are Level 2 models, which are a good option for the workplace. Level 2 chargers are up to six times faster than a standard outlet so drivers can top off their battery at work in less time.
"Our chargers have worked well," Motl said. "MGE has provided support and assistance with the operation of the charging systems and other questions we have had along the way."
Considering workplace charging? MGE can help
Workplace charging offers many benefits including employee attraction and retention and support for sustainable initiatives. MGE can help businesses navigate the evaluation, implementation and maintenance stages of a successful workplace charging program.
MGE has developed a comprehensive employer's guide to workplace charging. This tool highlights things to consider when adding EVs or charging stations at the workplace. MGE also can connect interested businesses with others who have already added EVs. Contact MGE at (608) 252‑7007 for more information.