Online benchmarking tool compares building energy use

When it comes to energy intensity, how does your facility compare to others of the same type?

Energy intensity is a building’s energy use as a function of its size. It is expressed as energy per square foot per year. The more energy efficient a building is, the lower the energy intensity will be. This data is helpful to have when you are shopping for a new workspace or interested in learning how you stack up.

MGE’s online benchmarking tool is a great place to start. It puts valuable energy information at your fingertips. To access the Building Energy Use Comparison, go to and sign into My Account. Select your building type and enter the square footage of your facility and your annual energy consumption. If you want to compare your existing building, the tool will automatically load your annual energy use data. It then translates energy intensity data into a visual display showing how your building compares to others of the same type in MGE’s service area.

MGE’s dataset includes nearly 3,000 facilities from a var​iety of building types, including:

Retail (non-mall) 482 Lodging 61
Warehouse 404 Public assembly 55
Office (small) 304 Food sales 33
Service 257 Education 27
Food service 248 Health care 17
Office (large) 87 Laboratory 12
Office (medium) 83 Printing 6
Retail (mall) 74 Cold storage 5
Religious worship 71 Public order/safety 4

The comparison tool was developed with MGE energy consumption data and is refined as additional information becomes available. For more information, please contact your MGE business account manager.