Multifamily Update

Multifamily Update

January 2020

More Solar Coming to Our Community Grid

Major projects will help bring more clean energy to all MGE customers

Growing cost-effective clean energy is one of our strategies for reducing carbon emissions and for working with our customers to achieve net-zero carbon electricity by 2050. Here's a look at some of our solar projects expected to begin serving customers this year.

Helping our customers share community solar

MGE is adding a 5-megawatt (MW) solar array to our community grid at the Middleton Municipal Airport. Eligible MGE customers can sign up to share a 3.5-MW portion of the Morey Field Solar project through our Shared Solar program. Shared Solar offers customers who cannot or choose not to install solar panels on their property a chance to buy local clean energy. Visit our Shared Solar webpage to learn more.

The remaining 1.5-MW portion of the Morey Field Solar project will serve the City of Middleton and the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District under Renewable Energy Rider (RER) agreements. RERs enable MGE to tailor a renewable energy solution to meet our large customers' needs, including multifamily customers. The model also helps to grow clean energy in our community.

Partnering with Dane County to grow green power

MGE is also partnering with Dane County to build a 9-MW solar array at Dane County Regional Airport under a RER. When completed, the 31,000-panel array will generate enough carbon-free electricity to power about 40% of the county's facilities, according to the county. The array is expected to be operational by the end of 2020.

Growing our use of solar to serve all customers

Two major projects under construction will deliver a combined 100 MW of solar energy to serve all of our electric customers. The Badger Hollow Solar Farm in Iowa County will deliver 50 MW of clean energy to MGE customers by the end of 2020. MGE is also purchasing 50 MW from the Two Creeks Solar project in northeastern Wisconsin.

The combined 100 MW of energy from Badger Hollow and Two Creeks will be enough to power about 33,000 households. MGE also has proposed purchasing another 50 MW from the second phase of Badger Hollow, which is expected online in 2021.

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