Spring 2019

Madison College Unveils Largest Rooftop Solar Array in Wisconsin

On a sunny day in mid-January, MGE joined Madison College officials as they flipped the switch on the largest rooftop solar array in Wisconsin. Partially funded through a grant from MGE, the 5,700-panel array can produce 1.85 megawatts of electricity. The rooftop panels cover an area larger than two NFL football fields!

Madison College estimates the array will deliver enough renewable energy to power the main building at its Truax Campus for up to three hours in the middle of the day, saving a projected $200,000 in annual electricity costs.

In addition to the economic and environmental benefits, the array will serve as an on-site resource for students in a variety of programs, including renewable energy, architecture, electrical engineering, industrial maintenance and construction, and apprenticeship programs. It is an important asset for Madison College’s Renewable Energy Certificate program. The program offers students instruction in the design, engineering, 3 economic analysis, installation, maintenance and repair of various types of renewable energy systems, according to the Madison College website. Students can access an online web portal to study the solar array’s output in real time. You can view real-time energy production from the array.
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