Spring 2019

KidWind Challenge Coming to Wisconsin Energy Institute

Kids from middle and high schools throughout Wisconsin will compete March 30 in the second annual Wisconsin KidWind Challenge at the UW-Wisconsin Energy Institute in Madison.

The KidWind Challenge is a hands-on, wind turbine design competition that engages students in STEM disciplines through the lens of wind energy. Prior to the challenge, student teams design and construct small wind turbines for the competition. At the competition, teams have the opportunity to test their turbine in a wind tunnel, meet with a panel of judges to present their design process and demonstrate their contextual knowledge of wind energy, and showcase their innovation with a series of “instant challenges.” Community groups, schools and other organizations can form a team of up to 10 students and at least one adult coach.

KidWind is an opportunity for students to learn STEM principles, including the engineering design process, which starts with identifying what is needed to solve a problem, brainstorming solutions, selecting a design, building a prototype and then making modifications based on functionality. The process can be repeated as often as necessary as student teams learn and discover new solutions.

KidWind is a growing event with more than 32 state-level KidWind Challenges across two dozen states. More than 4,000 students nationwide participated at KidWind Competitions in 2017-2018.

The KidWind Challenge is free to the public. Parents and family members are encouraged to attend. To learn more, to register a team or to contact organizers, visit kidwindchallenge.org.
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