Spring 2020

High School Students Take Electric Vehicle (EV) Field Trip

Engineering and Consumer Auto students from James Madison Memorial High School visited the MGE campus, the City of Madison Fleet Garage and Zimbrick BMW for an electric vehicle (EV) field trip last fall.

The partners, including the Madison Metropolitan School District, the City of Madison, Madison College and MGE, organized the EV field trip to introduce students to EV technology and the future of sustainable transportation. The day-long experience gave students a valuable introduction to many aspects of EVs, including EV charging, the environmental and economic benefits of EVs, careers in EV technology, maintaining and troubleshooting EVs and how a local dealership markets EVs.

Miles Tokheim, lead tech ed instructor at Memorial High School, has worked extensively with student teams designing EVs for competition in the Wisconsin Electrathon. Student teams compete on a flat track in an endurance race to see how far their car can travel on a single battery charge. According to Tokheim, "student participation with the field trip and Electrathon USA gives students valuable real-world experience with emerging technology."

Sustainable Intelligence curriculum and EV lesson plans

MGE offers a free standards-based sustainability curriculum including EV lesson plans for grades 6 through 12. MGE partners with EcoRise, a curriculum developer to share this comprehensive package with teachers. Data from EV charging stations can be used to study energy usage, environmental impacts and more. To learn how you can get the curriculum for your classroom, contact Jim Jenson, MGE Community Education Manager, at jejenson@mge.com

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