Multifamily Update

Multifamily Update

January 2020

Attract New Residents with Electric Vehicle Charging

More drivers are choosing electric vehicles (EVs). EVs are cheaper to fuel and maintain and fun to drive. Another big benefit is the convenience of "fueling" at home – no more trips to the gas station. Since more than 80% of charging happens at home, you've likely been asked by current or prospective residents about EV charging options.

Join many other Madison-area property owners and developers who have installed EV charging stations as a way to keep residents and attract new residents. Watch a video and hear why several properties now have charging stations.

MGE can recommend equipment, estimate energy costs and answer installation questions. Use these tips as you prepare for a charger for your property.

  • Decide if you want the charger in a common area so that it can be used on first-come, first-served basis or if you want to locate it in a parking stall for individual use.
  • Consider locating the charger close to your electrical service to reduce installation costs.
  • Plan for EV-ready parking during the design phase for new construction.
  • Remember that most drivers charge overnight when electricity costs are low.

Interest in EVs is expected to grow with more models becoming available. Get ahead of the curve by contacting MGE to discuss EV charging stations at your building.

Our experts are available to help you evaluate EV charging options. Call Brian Driscoll at 608-252-4725 to learn more.