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Searching Hints

If your search doesn't find your address
  • Enter your street name without the direction or suffix. For example, for "123 N Main St" the street name is "Main".
  • Try entering just your house number and first letter of your street name; make sure you have selected the right city (as it appears on your MGE bill).
If your search finds multiple addresses
  • Try selecting the street direction and/or street suffix; type out the entire street name. If applicable, enter the apt/unit.
When:   Try:
House number includes ½   Replacing it with the letter H: "400 ½ Main St" is entered as "400H Main St"
House number is 6 "digits"   Using the Street Direction dropdown menu: "W12345 Main St" is entered as "12345 W Main St"
Street is a highway   "123 Hy 66", "123 Hwy 66", "123 Highway 66"
Apt/unit is an entire floor   "123 Main St Bmt" for basement, "123 Main St 2ndfl" for second floor
Street name includes "Court" or "House"   "Crt of Brixham" for "Court of Brixham"
"University Hses" for "University Houses"
Potential spaces   Spaces may or may not appear in the street name: "McCormick" and "Mc Cormick"

More Help

•  House Number requires an exact match.
•  All addresses starting with the street name provided will be retrieved. For example, "ma" retrieves "Main", "Malibu", "Martin Luther King", etc. Do not include the number, direction, suffix or apt/unit in this box.
•  Be sure to select the right city (as it appears on your MGE bill).
•  All other fields are optional. When included, they must match exactly.
•  Commercial and some other addresses are not available. Call us if you are unable to find an address in our service territory.

If you still need help, please call MGE at (608) 252-7117 or email

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