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Become part of the movement!

Your business is a great place to install EV charging stations.

As more people purchase EVs, the demand for charging at work will become vital to attracting and retaining employees. More than ten area businesses in our service area have workplace charging.

If you're a property owner, it also can serve as a selling point for those looking to rent an apartment or purchase a condo. Learn how your business can become part of the EV movement and attract quality employees. Show your support and commitment to sustainable initiatives.

Start by evaluating employee or resident interest in EV charging. Use the free Department of Energy’s Workplace Charging sample employee survey or this multifamily resident survey to help plan your program.

MGE can help!

We can:

  • Evaluate your building, parking and electrical requirements.
  • Recommend appropriate equipment for installation based on your budget, number of vehicles, system access, maintenance and more.
  • Estimate energy costs.
  • Educate employees about EV basics and sustainable energy efforts.

Electric fleets

More businesses are using EVs to move people and products. The same benefits that motivate consumers motivate businesses to purchase EVs:

  • Lower emissions
  • Lower fuel costs
  • Less maintenance
  • Fun to drive