Sustainable Results

Sustainable Results

Environmental accountability is part of our culture at MGE. This is why we continue to participate and receive recognition in Green Tier, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources' environmental leadership program, and Green Master, the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council's voluntary benchmarking program.

At MGE, we set goals, take action and track progress. Through hard work and dedication, we produce sustainable environmental improvement over time. Efforts include our:

  • Solar-powered facilities. In late 2017, MGE installed nearly 500 solar panels at our headquarters. These panels help supply nearly 10% of the building's annual electric needs.
  • Green transportation fleet. MGE supports strategies that increase interest in alternative-fuel vehicles, including electric vehicles (EV) and vehicles powered with compressed natural gas (CNG). Currently, we operate 23 gas/electric hybrid vehicles, seven CNG vehicles, five electric hybrid bucket trucks and five all-electric vehicles.

    MGE has installed a network of nearly 30 public EV charging stations throughout our service territory as well as two private stations available for our employees.

    We also have an anti-idling policy directing employees to turn off company vehicles and equipment that are not in use. This helps reduce air emissions, burn less fuel, and minimize wear and tear on engines.

  • Green products and practices. MGE makes responsible choices about the materials and products we use in our operations. We use earth-friendly paint options and cleaning products. We recycle our electronic equipment and purchase electronic devices that are EPEAT-registered, meaning they meet strict environmental criteria offering a reduced environmental impact across their life cycles.
  • Green Team. At MGE, every employee is a member of the MGE Green Team. Employees are trained in how their individual actions at work can improve our environment. Green Team Leaders represent departments across the company that help guide activity, implement regulations and serve as educational resources.
  • Recycling. MGE is committed to reducing and reusing as many products as possible. That's why we make recycling and proper waste disposable a part of our daily routine—whether we're in the office or on the job site.

    In 2016, MGE employees recycled 162 tons of materials through our all-in-one recycling method. In addition, MGE recycled 732 tons of metals and scrap materials left over from fieldwork, 590 pounds of alkaline batteries and nearly 3 tons of computing equipment.

    We recycle batteries, thermostats and other mercury-containing devices, chemicals, aerosol cans, steel, iron, copper, glass and cell phones.

    Since old thermostats and lightbulbs may contain mercury, they must be properly recycled. Customers are welcome to drop off old thermostats at MGE's headquarters during business hours, free of charge.

    Fluorescent, compact fluorescent, high-pressure sodium or metal halide light bulbs should be recycled at one of Madison's drop-off locations.

More information about these sustainable actions is available in MGE's Environmental and Sustainability Report.