Protecting Our Water

Protecting Our Water

At MGE, we value our natural resources. We are committed to go beyond regulations to protect our local lakes, rivers and streams.

Yahara wins

MGE has supported a pilot program that is expanding into a 20-year effort to reduce phosphorus in our watershed. This collaborative water cleanup effort, called Yahara WINs (watershed improvement network), has been described as one of the more complex and ambitious in the nation. Yahara WINs:

  • Is a program spearheaded by the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District, Dane County, MGE, municipalities and others.
  • Focuses on phosphorus pollution from large nonpoint source contributors like farms, construction sites and urban runoff. More traditional approaches that focused on point sources, like sewerage treatment and power plants, have had limited success.
  • Evaluates strategies like winter crop cover and soil stabilization.

This innovative phosphorus-control program is one of the most flexible and affordable approaches nationwide. Learn more about this effort at Yahara WINs.

Stormwater management

As MGE builds new facilities, stormwater management is part of our planning and design. Our new training facility in Fitchburg has a system that ensures there is no increase in runoff resulting from the development. The stormwater system was also designed to aid the nearby wetland habitat.

MGE also has a stormwater filtration system in our downtown parking lot that cleans the water before it drains into Lake Monona.

MGE follows best practices to remove water from underground utility vaults. Our dewatering compliance plan ensures that all water pumped from vaults into the storm sewers is filtered prior to discharge to keep sediment-laden water out of the area water bodies.

Erosion control

MGE is committed to implementing proper erosion-control methods at all work sites. This minimizes the likelihood of soil being washed out of a site. We track permits and inspections and have a committee that reviews new regulations, field techniques and technologies to ensure we effectively manage our erosion-control strategies.