Green Tier

Green Tier

MGE was designated the first utility in Wisconsin to participate in the Department of Natural Resources' (DNR) Tier 2 environmental leadership program. When we joined in 2012, we became only the fifth state company to achieve Tier 2 status, which is the highest level in this leadership program.

By participating in the Green Tier program, we are continuing our voluntary commitment to superior environmental performance. In cooperation with the DNR, we will set goals to make significant environmental improvements.

Our improvement projects will include:

  • Manure digester. MGE receives energy from a manure digester that came online at the end of 2013. The biodigester converts cow manure from local farms into electricity. The project was made possible with the support of MGE, which purchases this electricity at a premium price well above current market prices for electricity. This locally produced renewable energy significantly reduces phosphorus runoff into local waterways and improves water quality. Previously, a portion of the phosphorus from these farms discharged to the Yahara Watershed. Phosphorus causes green algae and other weed growth in lakes and waterways.
  • Yahara WINs. MGE is participating with the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District, Dane County, municipalities and other partners to implement a groundbreaking phosphorus reduction effort in the Yahara River watershed.
  • Community Environmental Advisory Group (CEAG). Under Tier 2, MGE will continue working on its environmental progress with its CEAG, which has community, business, government, environmental and DNR representatives. It is one of the longest-running groups of its kind in Wisconsin.

We agreed to a five-year contract with the DNR under the Tier 2 program. We entered the Green Tier program at the advanced Tier 2 status because of our established environmental management system. We have been a part of the DNR's Environmental Cooperation Pilot Program since 2002.

For more information: Wisconsin DNR's Green Tier Program

Community Environmental Advisory Group

As a community energy company, we value customer input. MGE has formed a Community Environmental Advisory Group (CEAG) to work in partnership with us on environmental issues associated with our Green Tier Agreement with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Group members

  • 5-9 interested persons
  • Live or own a business within MGE's service area
  • May be affected by the activities of Blount

Membership includes

  • Environmental organizations
  • Government
  • Business
  • East-side community
  • Neighborhood leadership
  • DNR representatives

Group tasks

  • Provide feedback on the MGE/DNR Environmental Cooperative Agreement
  • Provide feedback on MGE's Environmental Management System for Blount
  • Review MGE's environmental performance under Green Tier
  • Provide feedback on MGE's proposed goals and objectives for environmental performance improvement
  • Suggest communications with the public about MGE's environmental programs and performance

For more information

2015 Green Tier Report [2.5 MB PDF]
2014 Green Tier Report [376 kB PDF]
2013 Green Tier Report [3.0 MB PDF]
2012 Green Tier Report [1.1 MB PDF]
Green Tier Contract [13.2 MB PDF]

Meeting minutes

June 4, 2014 [12 kB PDF]
June 4, 2013 [21 kB PDF]
June 27, 2012 [30 kB PDF]
November 9, 2011 [25 kB PDF]
December 8, 2010 [33 kB PDF]
August 11, 2010 [32 kB PDF]
December 16, 2009 [29 kB PDF]
May 26, 2009 [31 kB PDF]
January 7, 2009 [35 kB PDF]
September 24, 2008 [45 kB PDF]
August 29, 2007 [44 kB PDF]
March 20, 2007 [21 kB PDF]
November 15, 2006 [23 kB PDF]
March 8, 2006 [24 kB PDF]
December 15, 2005 [66 kB PDF]
March 3, 2005 [74 kB PDF]
November 11, 2004 [35 kB PDF]

MGE contact for more information

David Benforado
Phone: (608) 252-7906(608) 252-7906

We value your input.

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