Stormwater Filtration Demonstration Project

Stormwater Filtration Demonstration Project

MGE's stormwater filtration system, installed as a demonstration project in 2003, has proven to be highly effective.  The U.S. Geological Survey monitored and found the system reduced the following pollutants:

  • Petroleum compounds by 48%
  • Sediment by 39%
  • Phosphorus by 36%
  • Solids by 32%
  • Copper by 23%
  • Zinc by 8%

MGE installed this innovative stormwater filtration system in a one-acre parking lot used by MGE and State of Wisconsin employees in downtown Madison. One of the first installations of its kind in Wisconsin, the system:

  • Filters out many contaminants that normally run off paved surfaces during rainstorms.
  • Helps reduce toxins that degrade water quality.
  • Reduces nutrients that promote weed and algae growth in our lakes and rivers.

This best management practice system uses replaceable cartridges within a concrete vault with three compartments:

  • A pretreatment bay - where litter and larger sediment particles are trapped.
  • A filter bay - where the cartridges filter out smaller pollutants.
  • An outlet bay - where the treated flow is collected for discharge through the outlet pipe.

Stormwater Filtration

MGE's partners in this demonstration project include:

  • Earth Tech, an engineering firm.
  • Stormwater Management Inc., a manufacturer of stormwater filters.
  • The U.S. Geological Survey.
  • The U.S. Forest Products Research Lab.
  • Wisconsin Department of Transportation.
  • Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

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