Sample Bill for MGE Shared Solar Program

The sample bill shows you how the Shared Solar portion of your bill will look each month. It's highlighted in yellow.

Sample bill

Shared Solar customers benefit from a reduced charge for transmission service. For the portion of your electricity that comes from Shared Solar, the charge is $0.008 per kWh. The transmission service charge for the rest of your electricity use is $0.016 and is included in the electricity service charge in the portion of your bill titled, "Electric: Residential Service."

Wondering when you'll see Shared Solar show up on your MGE bill? Even though the Middleton project is online, you may not see any Shared Solar billing this month. Electricity production during the winter is low and your billing cycle may not include a day when the project was producing electricity. Don't worry, in the next couple months, Shared Solar will start to regularly appear on your bill.

If you have questions about your bill, contact MGE's Home Energy Line.