Service Agreement Overview

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To participate, customers must complete and return a service agreement to MGE. Below is an overview of the information that is included in the Shared Solar Service Agreement:


  • MGE owns and operates a Shared Solar installation in Middleton.
  • The amount of electricity produced by the solar array will vary depending on weather conditions. MGE maintains insurance on the Shared Solar system.


  • MGE electric customers served on the standard Rg-1 rate are eligible to participate in the Shared Solar Pilot Program ("Solar Program").


Shared Solar Pilot Program Overview
  • Solar Program participants ("Participants") have the opportunity to provide up to half of their home's annual electricity from the Shared Solar System.
  • Participants must enter into a Shared Solar Service Agreement with MGE ("Agreement"). The Agreement begins on the date the Agreement is signed by MGE or the date the Solar Program starts generating electricity, whichever is later.
  • Participants are subject to the terms and conditions of the Rg-1 and Shared Solar Cs-1 tariffs which may be amended from time to time by order or approval of the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin.
  • The Agreement provides subscription options to Participants based on a share/shares of the project. The maximum number of shares available to a Participant will be up to 50% of their annual electricity use.
  • Participants will be charged a one-time, nonrefundable participation fee of $47.25 for each share chosen ("Fee"). MGE will apply the solar electricity produced from the shares chosen to the Participant's electricity bill each billing period. If the amount of electricity from a Participant's solar share is greater than their home electricity use in any billing period, the Participant will be billed for solar electricity in the amount equal to their total electricity use.
  • The Shared Solar price of $0.12/kWh will remain constant as long as the Participant continues to participate in the Solar Program, up to a maximum of 25 years. A Transmission Service charge is $0.008 per kWh and will be set in the Cs-1 tariff.
  • Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) associated with a Participant's solar electricity will be retired by MGE. The Agreement is for a term of 25 years unless the Participant chooses to terminate the Agreement earlier or if the Participant leaves MGE's service territory.
  • If a Participant moves outside MGE's electric service territory, participation will terminate with the Participant's final bill.
  • If a Participant moves within MGE's electric service territory, MGE will transfer the Participant's participation to their new address as long as they provide notice to MGE and are the named electric customer on the MGE account at that address.
  • If a Participant's annual electricity use at their new residence is less than at their previous address, MGE may adjust the Participant's number of blocks down in quarter-kW increments to keep their solar electricity to no more than 50% of their annual electricity use.

Rg-1 Residential Service Rate [77 kB PDF]
Cs-1 Shared Solar Service Rate [19 kB PDF]