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While Mother Fool's Coffeehouse's many customers are probably more focused on the excellent quality of the shop's coffees, soups, and vegan pastries than its commitment to renewable energy, owner Jon Hain makes sure interested patrons have the chance to learn about its efforts. "We have a plaque from MGE about the Green Power Tomorrow program, and we've also put together a booklet about the ways we're saving energy around the shop."

Hain is a strong supporter of renewable energy and thinks being part of the Green Power Tomorrow program is just a logical way to do business. "Paying a little bit extra for wind power shows my support and, hopefully, will help mature the business a little bit faster. This program shows people that there's a straightforward, relatively inexpensive way to take action."

Hain and his staff of eight have taken a number of steps to improve energy efficiency at their shop including installing a solar electric panel on the roof that powers much of its LED lighting, using a tankless water heater that requires less energy than a standard model and updating appliances to ENERGY STAR® models. The shop also buys local whenever it can, replaced all its batteries with rechargeables and adds additional insulation whenever there's been remodeling work that requires a wall/ceiling opening.

"Since we took over the shop in 1995, we've always made a commitment to reduce our energy usage. We're proud and excited to be an early adopter of new technologies and programs that let us do that," said Hain.
Thank you,
Mother Fool's Coffeehouse
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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