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Magna/In Business
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Magna Publications is a Madison-based company that publishes In Business magazine, produces higher-education newsletters and manages on-site audio conferences. Customers include Dane County businesses and colleges throughout the country. Magna Publications employs more than 32 individuals.

Magna Publications purchases 100% green power from MGE.

"We decided to join Green Power Tomorrow because we all need to make whatever effort we can to protect the environment," said Bill Haight, president. "And, we trust MGE to produce and provide that power."

Making green choices is important to customers.

"In the past, being green did not matter as much to some of our customers, but that is changing," Haight said. "Moving forward, the environment is at the forefront for more people. We are proud to be part of this effort that will make an impact in our community."
Thank you,
Magna/In Business
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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