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All State Roofing Inc.
"Something has to be done," said Operations Manager Josh Martinez, explaining why All-State Roofing of Madison is buying 100% green power from MGE. "We try to do what we can to preserve the world for ourselves and our children. Natural resources are being depleted."

All-State Roofing installs roofing, siding, windows and gutters on homes, condominiums, apartments and commercial buildings. The small firm of three employees has been in business seven years. "Some of our customers may wonder whether a small business can make a difference," Martinez said. "We hope to educate them and be a leader as a green business." He added, "a lot of customers share our mind-set."

Recycling plays a big role in the daily routine at All-State Roofing. The company recycles metal roofing parts and takes old shingles to the Bruce Company's new asphalt recycling operation. The office recycles waste paper and switched to electronic forms for many records.

And the roofing firm developed a more efficient way to provide customers with estimates by cutting the number of trips to the potential job site. Martinez said, "the new method saves time, fuel and greenhouse emissions."
Thank you,
All-State Roofing Inc.
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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