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Madison Computer Works
Madison Computer Works, Inc., provides computer and network products and service for small and medium business, home, government and academic use. The company also offers summer computer classes for youth. Nineteen individuals are employed at this locally owned, independent business.

"We believe in and support clean energy, which is evident through our participation in Green Power Tomorrow," said Jeanne Lisse, co-owner. "Everyone must do their part to improve our air quality and fight global warming. Buying renewable energy is an opportunity for us to do our part."

Madison Computer Works makes other environmentally friendly choices at its 8,000-square-foot facility.

"Besides the standard recycling that everyone should do, we also recycle computer parts, use energy-efficient equipment and look for ways to use our equipment smarter and more efficiently," Lisse said. "We have installed high efficiency T-8 fluorescent lighting that's controlled by photo/motion sensors, added a 9.87 kWh solar array to supply a portion of our electricity, and we use programmable thermostats to help control our heating/air conditioning costs. And we've been converting our fleet of service vehicles to hybrid cars; currently half our fleet vehicles are hybrids."
Thank you,
Madison Computer Works, Inc.
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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