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Keel Family LLC
- Major Partner
Keel Family LLC leases commercial office space to businesses in Madison. The company owns two buildings and plans to purchase a third facility. Tenants include business owners who need up to 1,000 square feet of space.

The company realizes the importance of looking at the big picture—especially when it comes to the environment.

"We try to be open-minded and proactive by envisioning how our actions today will make a difference later," said Stu Keel, owner. "Our family supports the research of alternative fuel sources, so we support renewable energy today and believe it will lead to other options in the future."

Tenants appreciate that the company is mindful of the environment.

"They know we are willing to invest in green efforts that help keep our buildings operating efficiently and preserve the environment," Keel said.

Keel Family also uses compact fluorescent lighting and energy-efficient equipment in its buildings.

"We evaluate energy-saving projects and move forward with strategies that make sense for our business, our tenants and the environment."
Thank you,
Keel Family LLC
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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