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Affiliated Engineers Inc.
Affiliated Engineers Inc. (AEI), is a national engineering firm that specializes in the design of integrated systems for technical buildings and sustainable solutions for a variety of industries—from health care and higher education to energy, pharmaceutical and research and development companies. A few of the firm's recent projects include developing a hydrogen automotive refueling station, creating a new LEED Platinum research university that will help transition Saudi Arabia to a post-oil economy and developing Cornell University's Climate Action Plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. AEI employs 245 people at its home office in Madison located in the University Research Park and nine other offices across the country.

"Protecting the environment has always been part of our company culture," said Peter Strupp, AEI Corporate Communications. "Sustainable design is a dedicated service we provide to our clients and a set of standards we apply to ourselves. We used green building techniques to construct our LEED-certified facility in Madison (Madison's first such building), and we participate in MGE's Green Power Tomorrow program."

"Buying renewable energy is an extension of our deeply rooted commitment to conserve and use resources wisely," he added.

AEI's commitment to the environment goes beyond buying renewable energy.

"We work with a green cleaning service that uses natural products, we purchase green office supplies and we look for ways to use less plastic," Strupp said. "We're offering premium parking spaces for employees who carpool or drive hybrid vehicles."
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Affiliated Engineers Inc.
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