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Isthmus Engineering & Manufacturing Cooperative designs and builds custom automated machines. Customers include large corporations in the medical, pharmaceutical, automotive, industrial and consumer products industries. Isthmus employs about 50 people at its 68,000-square-foot facility in Madison.

Isthmus decided to participate in MGE's Green Power Tomorrow program because the company takes seriously the responsibility to reduce its carbon footprint.

"Being green is what it's all about," said Ole Olson, one of the member-owners at Isthmus. "We want to feel better about what we do and set an example for the industry. Using green energy is a key piece of the puzzle—it costs a bit more, but the positive impact it can have makes it worthwhile."

When Isthmus built its current facility several years ago, they incorporated many green techniques that make it energy efficient today. The company also is exploring solar energy as an option for the future.

Isthmus feels it is important to rise to the challenge and do their part. "Clean energy is an excellent vehicle for doing that," Olson said.
Thank you,
Isthmus Engineering & Manufacturing Cooperative
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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