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Ian's Pizza has two restaurants in downtown Madison—one on Frances Street and another on State Street. Ian's employs 55 people and is open seven days a week, serving many college students and local business people.

"We opted to purchase 100% green power at both of our locations," said Staci Fritz, office manager. "When people ask why, we tell them because improving our environmental footprint is at the core of our vision—a vision we have worked hard to develop and get our whole team to agree on."

Ian's regularly recycles materials and encourages customers to do the same. For example, customers receive an extra punch on their loyalty card for reusing carryout containers.

"While these are smart strategies, participating in Green Power Tomorrow is a way to make an impact on a broader scale," Fritz said. "Sure it will cost us more for energy in the short-term, but we're thinking about the future and want to be part of the solution for making it greener."

Ian's also recognizes green efforts are important to customers.

"They are very aware of today's environmental issues. Efforts to protect the environment, like buying green power, are highly regarded," Fritz said. "It's a good fit when our strategies and business practices align with the values of our customers."

Thank you,
Ian's Pizza
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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