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Home Works Remodeling is a Middleton-based company that offers remodeling services to homeowners in Madison and surrounding communities.

Home Works Remodeling wants to be a green leader.

"We have been researching the importance of eco-friendly actions and are dedicated to making our business more environmentally friendly," said Sadie Stocks of Home Works Remodeling. "As the building industry promotes green actions, more customers take these actions and apply these values to their homes. Buying 100% green power is the right path for us to take, and MGE makes it easy with the Green Power Tomorrow program."

The company's environmental commitment extends beyond the office. Home Works Remodeling uses green building techniques and hires subcontractors who also practice green techniques.

"Other green efforts include promoting green products to our customers, donating materials to the Habitat ReStore in Madison and having recycling dumpsters on-site to recycle as much waste as possible from our remodeling projects. Building waste is a large component of landfill waste. We want to do our part and not contribute to this issue," Stocks said.
Thank you,
Home Works Remodeling
, for supporting Green Power Tomorrow.

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